Why FundsIndia?

At FundsIndia, we’re a bunch of passionate go-getters who love what we do. Our team is made up of people who believe in achieving excellence at every step and are driven by a motivation to do better each day. We’re continually ideating, designing, engineering and creating smart solutions that make investing easy for everyone. The old adage of ‘one for all and all for one’ applies to us, where we believe in the power of each individual as much as we do in the strength of team work. Above all, our core conviction lies in our people and we believe that a happy office is a productive office!

FundsIndia is a ‘flatland’ in every sense of the word. How? Well, we’re over 300 talented souls huddled together in one flat floor. Puns aside, you’ll see that while we have a clear organisational hierarchy to ensure clarity in reporting lines, there is an absence of a ‘communication hierarchy’. Have an idea that will transform the way FundsIndia works? Got feedback about something in the company? Then you can walk in right away to discuss this with your manager, or your manager’s manager too!

You’ll see that everybody loves everybody in FundsIndia. It isn’t taboo to talk to someone from another department here. It isn’t taboo to talk to managers in the pantry here. It isn’t taboo to make friends with everyone here. Why? It’s because camaraderie is the social currency of FundsIndia. Also, FundsIndia maintains clear and transparent HR policies that seek to benefit all the members of the FundsIndia family at all times.

See a match? Let’s talk.