Our culture

FundsIndia is a diverse organisation. It does not have a single dominant group whose values and habits define our overall culture. In many companies, although there are many groups, one group stands above the rest in terms of prominence. And that group’s behaviour and practices define the organisation’s culture. For example, in a software development firm, the coders would be the dominant group. In a financial advisory firm, the advisors would be the dominant group. And so on.

In our company, we have multiple teams of equal relevance and importance to the organisation. There would be no customers without the marketing and on-boarding teams. There would be little inflows without the advisory teams. And without the operations teams operating at high levels of efficiencies, the whole system would break down. The technology team provides our differentiator in the market and makes all these pieces move. The support teams keep our customers happy. Hence, there is no single dominant team among these that can lay claim to be the principal defining force behind our organisation’s culture.

However, there are common threads of behaviour that span across these different groups that do not have anything specific to do with each of the group’s regular quotidian duties. These traits, across dimensions, together define what we stand for; what we hold dear; what we strive for; what we aim to achieve; and what defines us as an organisation. These define our culture.

In a sense, this culture defines for us our own version of “unity in diversity”.

We believe that every member of our family is important, and know that when each individual grows, so will we as a whole. Which is why we continuously strive to give our employees opportunities to challenge themselves, hone their skills, and grow.

Join us if you think you have the passion to tackle new challenges, and grow to become a better you.